To connoisseurs of female beauty: let us arrange the escort date

Escort services and elite models

from a model escort agency

   The main feature of our society is to notice beauty - and it is not even a task, it is a privilege.

   Our escort models are at your services.

   To connoisseurs of female beauty: let us arrange the escort date for you.




   Our services.

   Our escort agency will find and select a model to accompany you. We choose the most beautiful and fit girls that are educated, have good manners and can conduct themselves appropriately in any circumstances, and all of them are charming, of course. The models provide various services: escort, dancing, tour guide, secretary, interpreter and others.

   Our agency also helps to arrange meetings, trips and rendezvous, book a cozy hotel, or search for a restaurant or a club, a taxi, gift and flower shops.

   VIP services.

   Our special clients get access to unique girls or they can meet new girls that are new to escort and do not have any experience yet; we also have girls that don’t work in escort: famous models, actresses and just out-of-this-world girls. Members of our club are eligible to get any additional service, including booking of a hotel room, VIP taxi, casting of models and more.


   Romantic Dinner

With a celebrity, photo model, Olympic champion or a TV host.


 With knowledge of foreign languages



   Recruitment of personnel

 Young specialists: secretary, private trainer, nutritionist, bodyguard and other.

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